Career Opportunity

Become a Client Service Representative (CSR) in the accounting profession.

The accounting profession is one of the fastest growing segments in the professional service sector. What is the one thing all accounting firms need to be a success? New clients and NCI will train you on how to obtain them. With little competition and an ever expanding small business market, your income is only limited by your desire to succeed.

With over 500,000 small businesses across the U.S., selling bookkeeping and accounting services represents a vast, virtually untapped market. Every business needs an accountant – you do the math! NCI, the recognized leader in accounting marketing training, will teach you the most successful marketing methods in the nation to the accounting profession.

Our complete on-site training includes:

  • Experienced instructors with many years of practical hands on experience
  • A vast array of support training material including manuals, audio and video training CDs
  • Monthly e-newsletter with ongoing tips and ideas on how to improve your skills
  • Toll free support from the best, most experienced personnel in the profession

In addition to the above, you’ll receive a competitive, rewarding compensation package that includes:

  • Base salary + commission
  • Ongoing residuals
  • Travel allowance
  • Bonus for stellar performance

If you possess good selling skills and are highly motivated, we can provide the balance. The rest as they say is up to you. Call the toll free number listed in your ad and schedule an interview for this excellent opportunity to provide a much needed service in the marketplace and create a new career for yourself. Check out comments from some of our top performing CSR’s, Victor Romandine, Verona, WI; Joe Trujillo, Las Vegas, NV; Patricia Button, Greenville, SC; Brant Lowrey, Hurst, TX; Gudrun Casper, Skyland, NC; Mike Barnhart, St. Louis, MO; Mike Lambert, Blackwood, NJ; Doug Hayes, Portland, OR; Melissa Cowan, Brandenton, FL and Michael Delaney, Englewood, CO.

Joe Trujillo
Patricia Button
Brant Lowrey
Gudrun Casper
Mike Barnhart
Victor Romandine
Mike Lambert
Melissa Cowan
Michael Delaney
Doug Hayes

Would you like to talk to one of our successful CSR’s?

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Victor Romandine, WI:
Joe Trujillo, NV:
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Patricia Button, NC: 336-854-4303
Brant Lowrey, TX: 817-282-8600
Mike Barnhart, MO: 314-832-5100