Practice Listings

Below is a list of accounting practices for sale. If you have interest, please give us a call, fax us, or e-mail us. We also have an inquiry form where you can let us know which practice you are interested in once you’ve read the fact sheet for the practice.

Tel: 1-888-New Clients [1-888-639-2543]
Fax: 1-856-478-0345
E-mail: [email protected]

Practices for Sale

Amounts listed are annualized billings.


Susanville - $186,746


Glenwood Springs - $352,017

Morrison - $108,000 Under Contract


Fort Myers - $249,860

Fort Myers - $307,000


Gloucester County - $200,000


Las Vegas - $107,831


Oklahoma City - $283,633


Camp Hill - $101,169


If you do not see a practice that fits your geographical or financial needs, provide NCI with your contact information and when we get a listing that meets those needs, we’ll let you know right away. If you don’t want to wait and would prefer to grow your firm now, NCI can still help. How? By helping you grow your new or existing practice (for about half the cost of buying the same amount of business) using our successful guaranteed marketing programs.