Our Successful Clients: Growing & Building their CPA Firms


Single Week Sales Record Set, 18 New Clients

Linda Chapekis, CPA
Detroit, MI

This interview is a companion to the interview we ran in December of 2013. That previous interview was with Ted Chapekis who is Linda’s husband and CSR set a new NCI sales record of 18 clients in one week. Linda is the accountant and manager of the million dollar practice that they have built together following the NCI marketing model. Ted and Linda decided to utilize the NCI Plan 2 Client Acquisition program to grow Linda’s small base of large clients into a large base of small- to medium-sized clients that could support their family when Ted left his job with Chrysler. Linda talks about her experience within the program and offers a lot of good advice on both marketing and processing. Read more »


How to Build a Million Dollar Accounting Practice

Success Stories
Ted Chapekis, CSR for his wife, Linda Chapekis
Northville, MI

Our success story this month is with Ted Chapekis, who is the CSR in his wife Linda’s accounting practice. In 2005, Ted and Linda decided to focus on taking Linda’s small, existing practice in an exciting new direction. They wanted to dramatically increase the size of the practice so that it could provide for the family after Ted left his job at Chrysler. To develop the business into the $1 million firm that it is today, Ted and Linda utilized the NCI Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program. After the initial CSR they hired did not work out, Ted decided to fill in at the position and he never looked back. Read on to learn some great tips from Ted on what makes him successful as a CSR, along with some other good insights into the program. Read more »


Young Salesperson Hits $250,000 Billing Mark

David Wilde CSR for Ken Russell
Bellevue, Washington

This month we are featuring CSR David Wilde as a companion piece to our interview last month with the CPA he works, Ken Russell. David’s story is fairly unique as far as NCI storylines go. David’s father used the NCI program to grow his accounting practice while David was growing up. David decided he wanted to pursue a career in sales and marketing and, upon graduating college, he asked if he could attend NCI’s Practice Development Seminar as a graduation gift. Talk about a go-getter!  He attended the seminar to learn the sales techniques we teach and, also, with the hope that he might find an opportunity to go to work for someone as a CSR. He made some contacts, but nothing concrete materialized until about a year later, when he went to work for Ken Russell. I’ll let him tell the rest. Read more »


Double the Business in Only Two Years

Success Stories
Ken Russell in Bellevue, Washington

This month’s success story is with Ken Russell from Bellevue, Washington. Ken has been in practice since 2006 and he attended the Plan 1 Practice Development Seminar and the Plan 2 marketing program in 2011. After two years in the program, Ken has accumulated close to $250,000 in new recurring business for his practice. In our interview, Ken discusses his success with the program and lays out some great advice for those considering an NCI program and for those currently running one. Read more »


Nine Years and Counting with the Original CSR!

Success Stories
Doug Fabian, CPA in Cleveland, Ohio

Doug Fabian, CPA, has done the NCI Plan 2 Client Acquisition program twice now. The first time around, in 1999, it worked so well he had to shut it down after 8 months, in which time he hit the guaranteed billing amount for a year. Eventually he merged with a larger firm and when he and his partners decided they wanted to ramp up their marketing, Doug, again, turned to NCI. Having learned from his previous experience, he had a much better handle on the program and the amount of work it can generate. The second program began in 2004 and has been running steadily since, with the same CSR originally hired and trained onsite by NCI. During our interview Doug talks about his two experiences running the program, offers advice to those running it or considering it and the importance of being able to replace lost clients through proactive marketing, among other things. Read more »

Wayne Bradford1

The Seminar That Saved My Life

Success Stories
Wayne Bradford, CPA
Tempe, AZ

Wayne Bradford, CPA credits Bruce Clark and the NCI seminar with saving his life. I’ll let him share that story with you in just a moment. In addition, the program helped him to develop a million dollar accounting, tax and payroll practice that has grown steadily and consistently during its 26-year history, including significant growth each year over the past four years, despite the persistent recession. In the interview, Wayne talks about how the NCI seminar saved his life and helped him grow his practice. He also discusses the proper mindset for approaching the marketing program and how to get the most out of it, along with some things to be aware of while running it. Read more »


Closing in on $300,000 in Billings in 24 Months!

Success Stories
Qin Tan in Phoenix, AZ
A Decision Three Years in the Making is Paying Off

This month’s interview is with Qin Tan out of Phoenix, AZ. Qin considered the NCI marketing program for about three years and even tried a competitor’s program during that time before she decided to undertake our Plan 2 Client Acquisition program in 2011. She is coming up on two years in the program and she’s very happy with the decision she eventually made to grow her practice with NCI. She’s now just two months shy of two years in the program and she is on track to reach our billing guarantee of $300,000 in new business within two years. Read on to learn more about Qin’s decision to invest in the program and how it has helped her tremendously to grow her business and even open a satellite office in Mesa, AZ. Read more »


Partnering Up for a Smooth Transition to a Multi-Million Dollar Retirement

Success Stories
Frank Gutta, CPA, Sunrise, FL

Retirement is a really important consideration that not enough people take into account early enough to matter. One needs to be prepared to live the comfortable life that they have become accustomed to once their ability to earn a living is diminished. In this month’s interview, I had the opportunity to speak with a man who is taking the right path to retirement and in the process, is making sure that the business and client base he has built up through hard work is going to be preserved and well taken care of once he rides off into the sunset. Read more »


Twice as Successful in Las Vegas

Success Stories
Las Vegas, CSR Joe Lombardo

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Lombardo from Las Vegas, NV. Joe has been the CSR in two separate NCI Plan 2 programs in the Las Vegas market and he was able to accomplish fantastic results for those firms. Read on to gather some insightful tips into running an NCI marketing program. Read more »


Small Market, Big Results

Success Stories
Jeff Mathews in Sulfur, LA

Jeff and I had some difficulty connecting for this interview, so Jeff ended up typing up his responses to my questions. Jeff has been an NCI student since early in 2003, when he first attended our Plan 1 Practice Development Seminar. Back then, he expressed interest in upgrading to the Plan 2 program. He recently did so and has been getting great results in a small, rural market. Jeff has also attended the NCI Advanced Processing Seminar, which he discusses below and also attended the NCI Advanced Training Conference held in Hilton Head, SC, in 2008. Read more »