Charlotte, North Carolina, Practice Fact Sheet

Supplied by New Clients, Inc.

Purchase Price: $743,750 – Financing available to qualified applicants. Various programs available.  Call for details.

P/R: 52, Ave Fee: $98, Total: 5,096
Monthly Clients: 70, Avg Fee: $270, Total: $198,492
Quarterly Clients: 5, Avg Fee: $420, Total: $2,100
Annual Clients: 2, Avg Fee: $1,500, Total: $3,000

Income Tax:
Individuals: 330 Avg Fee: $300, Total: $99,000
Businesses: 161 Avg Fee: $850, Total: $136,850
Other: 10 Avg Fee: $750, Total: 7,500

Audit, Reviews:
Reviews:  Total: $1,000
Audits subcontracted out: 0

Other Services: 
IRS & State representation:  Total:  $110,000
General consulting:                Total: $101,000 

Total Gross Income: $664,038

Description of area: Charlotte, NC - a fast growing market and one of the fastest growing markets in America.

Description of clientele: Diverse, professionals - Doctors, attorneys, etc. Contractors, entrepreneurs, etc.

Other Information: Many of monthly and quarterly clients fees are drafted from their bank accounts. In December we draft year-end fees (corp tax) from many clients bank accounts. 

Seller is requesting the following additional information from buyer:

Interested Parties Should Contact:
Bruce Clark
[email protected]

Once the above items are provided to NCI, I will arrange a mutually convenient time to view this practice. Any questions, please call.


Bruce Clark, CEO
Author, NCI Effect, Explosive Client Growth Plan for Accountants and CPAs
Beyond the NCI Effect, Sales Strategies That Matter to Grow an Accounting Practice