Denver, Metro, Colorado Practice Fact Sheet

Supplied by New Clients, Inc.

Purchase Price: $650,000 – Financing available to qualified applicants. Various programs available.  Call for details.


Monthly Clients: 140,  Avg Fee: $200,      Total: $336,000
Annual Clients: 10,    Avg Fee: $1,200,   Total: $12,000

Income Tax:

Individuals: 200, (1040s)                Ave Fee: $300       Total: $60,000
Businesses:130 (1065,1120s,1120)  Avg Fee: $550       Total: $71,500

Other Services:
$20 each 1099 issuance Total: $3,000
Bookkeeping Backwork for 50 new clients annually Total: $75,000
10 S-Corp elections at $550 each Total: $5,500

Total Gross Income: $563,000

Full-time Employees: 7

Description of Area: ATS is located on main busy highway and close to Denver Technological Center.

Description of clientele:  ATS focuses on startup and small business with annual revenue of $100k up to $5m. Clients range on all industry sectors except for doctors, non-for profits, and government. Currently ATS has 1 Cannabis client.

Other Information: No payroll services are offered to any client. This is 100% turnkey operation. The VP of Client Relations and Operations is paid $65k and brings in 50 clients for annual revenue of $235k ($120k yearly residual for bookkeeping + $75k for backwork + $40k for tax preparation). Subsequent years for these clients are pure revenue growth. In 2018 ATS operations which includes management of all admin related duties, i.e. computers, social media, manpower, client communications to obtain bank statements and any other required documentation to complete the bookkeeping and tax returns. In addition the VP is responsible for ongoing client relations to make sure the clients are contacted on a monthly basis.

Seller is requesting the following additional information from buyer:

Interested Parties Should Contact:
Todd Steinberg
[email protected]

Once the above items are provided to NCI, I will arrange a mutually convenient time to view this practice. Any questions, please call.


Todd Steinberg
Executive VP of Sales & Marketing