Learn How To Successfully Integrate Financial Planning Into Your Tax Practice

Webinar Information:  

Date: Tuesday, June 28th

Time: 2:30m pm EST

According to the AICPA, it is estimated over the next 10 years over 6,600 CPAs and Tax Professionals will be adding Financial Planning Services into their tax practice as an additional service for their clients.  CPAs/Tax Professionals have three choices to consider:

1. Not offer (and let the competition distinguish themselves.)

2. Become the Financial Advisor (and spend time, effort, and money learning a completely new profession.)

3. Bring in an outside professional (and oversee the advice being given to clients).

This informative webinar will educate CPAs/Tax Professionals on how to successfully offer Financial Planning Services in concert with Tax Services, utilizing a systematic, proven approach. This allows a firm to offer a better overall advice package leading to better outcomes for clients, while providing market differentiation in an increasingly competitive industry, and much needed revenue to the bottom line of the accounting firm.


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