NCI and 21st Century Tax Professional Partnership

After careful consideration, due diligence, and multiple in-depth interviews, we have formalized an exclusive partnership with 21st Century Tax Professional. 21st Century Tax Professional is now our premier provider of top- tier financial advice services to all our CPA/accounting clients who are interested in expanding the scope of services offered in conjunction with tax planning.  21st Century was founded by Jonathan Kuttin, CRPC®, AAMS®, AWMA®, CAS®, CMFC®,  who is a Barron’s Top 100 Independent Financial Advisor and has been providing clients with financial planning services since 1994. Jon’s practice, Kuttin Wealth Management has built its business primarily by partnering with the accounting community over the last decade and specializes in helping accountants integrate financial services into their tax practices.

In addition to running Kuttin Wealth Management and 21st Century Tax Pros, Jonathan Kuttin is the founder and CEO of consulting firm Kuttin Consulting Group, Inc. (KCG).   Jonathan’s firm (KCG) has trained over 1,000 financial and tax professionals how to properly integrate financial planning services into the CPAs/accountant’s tax practices nationwide.

In partnering with 21st Century Tax Professional,  NCI now has the ability to offer you a local solution to helping your clients reach their financial goals while creating a new division and profit center for your practice.  Utilizing 21st’Century’s national network of financial advisors who have been trained utilizing their model of building financial services arms into tax practices, our CPA/Accounting clients will have the ability to choose from a select group of high quality advisors from across the country.

Asked about the new joint venture founding and Managing Partner, Jonathan Kuttin, CRPC, AAMS, AWMA, CAS, had the following to say: “I have known Bruce Clark for several years and have always been impressed with not only his NCI model, but his integrity, honesty, and kindness.  We can truly create a win-win-win situation for our organizations, current and former NCI clients and most importantly the clients served by these accounting firms.”

If you have ever considered or are now considering integrating financial services into your tax practice, we strongly encourage you to set up a phone interview to determine if this could be the right fit for your practice. To learn more please contact Todd Steinberg at 1-800-338-0778 or email [email protected].

Some of the program benefits include:


Expand and Enhance Your Firm's Services

Upfront compensation to work alongside your chosen financial professional

Create an additional source of revenue while controlling the quality of advice to your clients

Grow your practice organically by strengthening relationships with your existing clients

Increase client retention by offering a one-stop solution for all of your client's financial needs

Partial tuition scholarship towards NCI's Client Acquisition Program (Plan 2)

Watch our 2 minute video below to learn more about our proven process