Plan I - Practice Development Seminar (PDS)
New Two Day Format

Ready to grow your practice to $50,000 in new billings or more in 12 months?

For the past 30 years our Practice Development Seminar (PDS) has helped over 4,500 accountants achieve spectacular success in client acquisition and bottom line growth.

This live two-day event is held only three times throughout the year and will show you how to successfully acquire five to ten new clients each and every month. Comments such as “best move I ever made” and “you resurrected my business” are not uncommon from our previous attendees. Click here to view videos comments from previous attendees.

Whether you desire rapid or controlled growth, NCI’s PDS will help you to reach your goals. 

Topics covered include:

  • Internet marketing strategies, including the importance of, and use of, video on your website to convert prospects into paying clients.
  • Identifying who needs your services in the market and how to reach them.
  • An attractive package of service specifically designed for the small- and medium-sized business client.
  • Email marketing and how to set up drip campaigns to keep your name in front of interested prospects via our new digital marketing program
  • How to successfully secure up to 10 qualified appointments per week with potential clients in your market with an outbound calling effort.
  • How to hire, train, and manage your appointment setter.
  • Where to obtain the best lead sources to power your marketing effort and receive a special NCI discount.
  • How to develop successful presentation skills and closing skills.
  • Mastering persuasion techniques on how to obtain a commitment from the prospect, along with an upfront retainer fee.
  • Fee setting, pricing back-work, and keeping receivables to a minimum.  Learn how to direct draft your monthly fees, virtually eliminating accounts receivable issues.
  • Using the latest technology we show you how to utilize mobile payment processing.
  • Turn your results from ordinary to extraordinary with structured, goal-setting sessions.
  • What doesn’t work in marketing accounting services; our 30 years of experience will help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Introduction to our preferred partners that can help with processing client’s monthly work at spectacular rates, set up a top notch website, offer live payroll processing and lead source development to fuel your sales effort.
  • Internal marketing procedures; ways to obtain additional billing from your clients.
  • How to integrate financial planning to your suite of services and earn more fees and deepen relationships with your clients.
  • Cost-effective methods for acquiring more 1040 clients.
  • How to overcome the QuickBooks objection that it costs too much, along with fourteen other commonly raised objections during the sales process.
  • Plus you’ll receive a link to view a previously recorded live seminar. Great for refresher training and to train other team members.
  • Unlimited support for all your practice development questions from our experienced Practice Development Specialists.


  • Advantage 1 DVD training program on how to give a successful sales presentation and overcome most client objections. Great for refresher training or to train other staff members.
  • Advantage 2 DVD training program designed to help train your appointment setter and how to manage that effort.
  • Advantage 1 Audio Training Program on the 15 most common objections raised while selling your services and how to successfully overcome them and close the sale.
  • Advantage 2 Audio Training Program on training your appointment-setting staff to overcome phone objections and set appointments for you or your CSR.
  • Internal processing package includes 35 forms to help streamline processing procedures and help you manage your marketing effort.
  • Softsell™ Sales Presentation – our multimedia sales presentation is now included with the seminar. Designed to help you make each sales presentation, Softsell can be shown via a laptop computer to prospective clients. It can also be loaded to your website so prospects can view it while online.
  • Digital sales presentation that can be shown on a laptop. This helps keep your presentation on track while maintaining a prospects attention and can be customized for an additional fee.
  • Continental breakfast and lunch are included each day.
  • Most seminars take place conveniently at full-service airport hotels. (Free shuttle service from terminals.)
  • We take all the risk – By noon on the first day of the seminar, if for any reason you are not satisfied, just say so. We will refund your money no questions asked, plus reimburse you up to $200.00 towards your travel costs.
  • Guaranteed $50,000 first year annual billing or we refund your seminar fee in full. 
  • Program qualifies for 16 CPE, NASBA-approved credits.
The most successful tax and accounting firms - large, small and in between – are 14 times more likely than laggard firms to work from a written marketing plan, according to CPA Trendlines research. Coincidence? We think not.
The real question is why so few firms make the effort to create and follow a practice development plan when the payoff is so significant and assured.
— Rick Telberg President/CEO, CPA Trendlines and former Executive Editor of Accounting Today

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