ProCard Solutions - Payment Processing

Credit and Debit card processing costs continue to rise with the growth of cashback, reward and corporate cards. Now with the addition of Chip Embedded Smart Cards (EMV) & Mobile Applications like Apple Pay & Android Pay (Tap & Pay) financial fraud liability on card present transactions will be your responsibility!

You may have noticed more customers paying with this type of card. The chip embedded cards are part of a new industry-wide standard coming to the U.S., and can help protect customer and transaction data when used with a chip-enabled terminal.

To be better prepared for this emerging technology, New Clients Inc. has announced a credit-card processing agreement with ProCard Solutions, a national credit and debit card processing firm based in New Jersey. Under this agreement, ProCard promises you and your clients will receive the most competitive rates possible, next-day funding with no application, monthly minimums or termination fees. Furthermore, an ‘Affiliate Referral Program’ is offered to you for your clients that in addition to all the many benefits, will generate and incremental revenue stream for your firm. Utilizing today’s technology, ProCard tailors its services to meet your specific requirements in all processing environments (i.e. point-of-sale terminals, online, tablet and mobile applications).

Take this opportunity to understand why “Credit and Debit Card Processors are not all the same,” compare pricing, systems and services. If you would like a FREE comparative pricing analysis, simply send your most recent processing statement to ProCard by fax 201.880.7439 or Email at [email protected]. Please identify yourself as an NCI client.

This no-risk, comprehensive comparison may just uncover some significant savings!