success stories - 3

Jeff Matthews in Sulfur, LA

Jeff and I had some difficulty connecting for this interview, so Jeff ended up typing up his responses to my questions. Jeff has been an NCI student since early in 2003, when he first attended our Plan 1 Practice Development Seminar. Back then, he expressed interest in upgrading to the Plan 2 program. He recently did so and has been getting great results in a small, rural market. Jeff has also attended the NCI Advanced Processing Seminar, which he discusses below and also attended the NCI Advanced Training Conference held in Hilton Head, SC, in 2008.

On Track to Reach $300,000 Guarantee in 12 Months!

This is a bit of a lengthy interview, but it really speaks for itself. Chuck has been running the program for only six and a half months and has achieved phenomenal results during that short time frame. He is on track to reach his billing guarantee within 12 months (as opposed to the 24-month time frame that the guarantee allows for). Chuck has a lot of great insight into why the NCI program works so well, how this compares to buying a practice and the importance of being prepared to handle the influx of growth the program will produce.

George Spalenka: Two Time Success as a CSR

This month’s interview was handled a little bit differently. George Spalenka was kind enough to take the questions I emailed to him and write up his responses to them, negating an actual interview. George has been a successful CSR twice over in two separate NCI programs. His newest role is within NCI as a Senior Account Executive, where he can utilize his extensive knowledge of the CSR position to help our future clients hire and train their own successful marketing teams.

From $0 to $600,000 in Business for an Initial Investment of $2,500!

What does an accountant do when they’re looking to start and grow an accounting practice but don’t know where to begin? Gary Adams faced that dilemma back in 1993 when he decided to attend our Practice Development Seminar. Gary is a smart man and he knew that starting a business is filled with potential pitfalls and false starts. He didn’t want to start a business, a risky and costly proposition for most, without a good plan for success and that is exactly what he received from training with NCI at our seminar.

$75,000 in New Business in Only Four Months!

When I asked Don Hillman if he would be interested in doing a success story interview with me, he agreed on one condition. He said that he would do the interview as long as we gave plenty of credit to the fantastic marketing team that NCI hired and trained for him. Of course I agreed, so here we are. Don told me that he is fairly hands-off with his marketing team, so they deserve a lot of the credit for developing that $75,000 in new business.  Don’s CSR and his two appointment setters are Joshua and Jaime and as you will see, they are very good at what they do.

100+ Clients Signed in 1.5 Years!

Jason Russell, CSR to David Shirey in Houston, TX

As accountants are quite busy this time of year, we are featuring a CSR for this month’s success story. Jason Russell is the CSR for David Shirey, CPA, in Houston, Texas. David originally attended NCI’s Practice Development Seminar all the way back in October of 1994. He and his wife successfully used that seminar training to grow their start-up firm to over $450,000 in gross annual revenue plus another $125,000 in annual financial planning profit. In September of 2010, David decided to upgrade to the Plan II Client Acquisition Program. Jason Russell has been having tremendous success since starting in the CSR position at that time, signing up over a hundred new clients in that time frame with astonishing client retention to boot. In our interview Jason gives insight into what has made him so successful at selling accounting services.

Added $150,000 in One Year and Still Growing Strong!

Tim Howard first attended the NCI Plan I Practice Development Seminar way back in June of 1993. He also has purchased the home-study version of the Advanced Processing Seminar. After building and selling a practice using the methods he learned through NCI he tried his hand at a number of different business ventures. In November 2010 Tim decided to get back into the accounting business and he purchased a practice. Wanting to grow the practice he bought and increase revenue over the million dollar mark he upgraded to the Plan 2 Client Acquisition program, going back to a marketing system that he knew firsthand would work. Since doing so he has added $150,000 in new billings and is now that much closer to joining the NCI million dollar club! Read on to learn more about his journey to success. 

Living the Dream: $350,000 in Two Years and a Benz to Boot!

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing NCI client Adil Baloch. He started his business with the NCI marketing program right at the start of 2007, looking down the barrel of a steady economic decline. Despite those setbacks he has grown a successful business employing several people and reached a point in 2009 where he could no longer handle all the work that was pouring in from the NCI marketing program. Adil has a lot of great advice to offer for both those considering the NCI marketing program and also those currently running it. Enjoy!