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Lead Generation that Lead to $432,000 in New Revenue

This month I interviewed Lorraine Greenwald, one of Joe Pancerella’s appointment setters. We chose Lorraine to interview because she has been with Joe for over two years now (about a decade in appointment setter time…) and has been an instrumental part of the tremendous success the firm has seen over the past two years (over $430,000 in new business billed and collected!). We have already interviewed Joe, himself, and last month I interviewed his CSR, Tim Kline. To complete the picture, we decided to do our first-ever interview with a successful appointment setter.  My goal was also to see if Lorraine could provide some tips on how to be successful in the difficult field of appointment setting. Read on to hear what she had to say.

$432,000 in New Business Billed and Collected in Only 22 months!

Our interview this month is with what has to be the most successful CSR working in the program over the past two years. He was so effective, in fact, that he sold himself right out of his job after adding $432,000 (not an annualized number but, rather, billings collected over two years) in new business. That can happen in the NCI marketing program; most accounting firms can only handle so much new business over the course of a few years. Tim worked for Joe Pancerella, CPA, who now teaches the NCI Advanced Processing Seminar, taking over for Duane Gravley. Joe recently decided he’s had enough growth and so Tim Kline, his CSR, was now on the market. We extended an offer to have him work for NCI given his amazing track record and intimate knowledge of the marketing program. Tim has accepted that offer. I got a chance to interview him about the vast experience he has accumulated over the past two years and also his keys to success. Read on to see how a true professional gets the job done.

Catching up with Susan Haase on her way to the Million Dollar Club

We featured Susan Haase as a success story almost exactly one year ago since she was off to such a great start with her program. I decided to check back in with her to see how she is progressing towards the million dollar mark in her practice. She is well on her way and continues to grow in leaps and bounds utilizing the NCI program but with one key difference: she had NCI train her as the salesperson for her firm. In our discussion she covers her progress with the program, some details on her very successful sales process and, also, the NCI Advanced Processing Seminar she attended to learn how to manage her growing practice more efficiently.

Four Practices Built Using NCI and Counting…

For this month’s success story I interviewed Brett Stigall. Brett is based in the tri-cities area in Tennessee. He first attended the NCI seminar in 1995. In the ensuing sixteen years Brett has built and sold three successful accounting and tax practices using what he learned at that seminar. Using rough numbers I can say with confidence that means Brett easily has made over one hundred times his initial investment to attend that seminar in 1995. Brett is currently starting a fourth practice using the NCI marketing method and in just over one month’s time has already amassed $33,000 in new annualized billings! Brett also worked briefly for NCI as a Senior Account Executive installing Plan 2 and Plan 3 programs around the country. Read on to hear him tell his story of success using NCI.

$86,000 in Nine Months

For this interview, I spoke with Andrew Carroll from Nick Hodges’ practice. Andrew works in an office in Orange County, California, for Nick. The firm provides primarily tax, accounting and financial planning services. They are also involved in a plethora of different types of marketing above and beyond the NCI program, including writing and distributing e-books and actual books, and holding seminars nationwide. The firm is very tech savvy and entirely paperless. Nick and Andrew were interested in the NCI Plan 2 program primarily to grow consistently each month, which would allow them to be able to continuously cross-sell the financial planning service to the large base of accounting and tax clients the program generates. I’ll let Andrew take it from here.  

16 Years and Counting

For this month’s interview I spoke with one of the longest-tenured Client Service Representative in NCI history. His name is Dan Duvall and he has worked for Arun Sareen, CPA, at his practice in Virginia for 16 years. Dan is one of several CSRs who Arun employs to grow his firm since starting the NCI Plan II program in March of 1993. Now Arun bills 4.5 million dollars annually and continues to grow using the NCI program.

Third Time's the Charm

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing a Plan II client that goes way back to around 1988, John Peterson, CPA. John has done the NCI Plan II program on three separate occasions, which in and of itself is a testament to his belief in our marketing program. John is located in Houston, TX, and has now shifted his practice towards the medical profession after initially building it up with the small and medium-sized business clients our program typically targets.

You Call This a Recession? Over $200,000 in New Billing over the Past Year!

One year ago starting in October 2009, Joe Pancerella, a CPA from Reading, PA, decided to do something positive about the declining economy. Rather than sitting back and waiting to see what would happen and hoping for the best, Joe decided to be proactive and make it happen. We interviewed Joe a few months into his program. We wanted to revisit his success and see how much he has grown after one year of running the NCI Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program. Just wait until you see what is possible, even during the current recession.