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Susan Haase, San Francisco, CA

Added approximately $200,000 in one year! For this month’s interview we have a bit of a unique scenario.  Susan Haase is the focus of this interview and she did the NCI Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program (CAP.)  We did not however hire a Client Service Representative for Susan because she is the CSR.  As you can see below Susan preferred that aspect of the business and had processing help in place so she could focus on selling.  We did do a week of field training with Susan to prepare her for going into the field and signing up new business and something she has proven more than capable of!  In her estimation Susan as added around $200,000 in new business growth during a recession in under a year!

Seven Years Later, Same Appointment Setter, Same CSR

For this month’s success story I got to talk to an NCI client who implemented the Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program seven years ago when he was just starting his practice. The thing that really stands out about the success of this program is that we are now seven years into the program and Jason still has the same Client Service Representative and one of his two original appointment setters working in the firm. This is a testament to the ability of NCI’s Senior Account Executives to hire and train great employees and salespeople who stand the test of time.

An Anonymous Success Story

Why remain anonymous? For this month’s success story we have a somewhat unique situation. Our interviewee has requested to remain anonymous in both name and location. Why would someone singing the praises of the NCI marketing program wish to remain anonymous?The answer to that question is simple; thisNCIclient did not want to encourage other firms in his market to implement our successful marketing program. He wants to avoid the competition that it would most certainly bring. That really says it all when it comes to the results of this marketing program. The Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program works so well that once an accountant is utilizing it, that accountant wants to make absolutely sure that no competing firm in his area has access to the same powerful system. In fact, some of our best clients and references will not give us a glowing recommendation to clients in their specific market. They tell us not to give out their phone number to anyone in their town or city to avoid the competition.This is a powerful testament to the success of this program.

Setting the World on Fire, CSR Success Story

Seeing as we are in the midst of tax season instead of approaching an accountant for a success story during this busy month I instead conducted an interview with a successful CSR. The gentleman being interviewed is Jeff Arndt the CSR for Jong Lee, CPA in the Oakland , CA area. Jeff has been able to bring in about 75 clients that represent $181,000 in annualized billings working for Jong during this rough economy. He offers some good pearls of wisdom for other CSRs out there and I encourage our Plan 2 clients to have their CSRs read this article.

Small Market, Big Results

For this month's interview we chose Eric Zetterholm who is based in Asheville, NC. Eric signed up for our Plan 3 Client Processing and Acquisition (CPA) in April of 2008. He had just opened his practice and wanted to get off to a strong start. Having done plenty of research on NCI he decided the Plan 3 program was the way to go. Utilizing the program during a down economy he was able to grow a new start up business $120,000 in only the first twelve months. Read on to learn more about Eric’s experience with NCI.

How Joe Pancerella CPA added $48,000 to his Bottom Line, in the Past Two Months, During a Recession!

Joe Pancerella is one of NCI ‘s recent Plan 2 clients. His firm is located near Reading, PA. Joe had an established firm but he wanted to take things to the next level and insulate himself against what is happening with the recession. He has been considering NCI ‘s program since early 1993 and he felt now was the right time to implement. That’s right; he felt that during the depths of the worst recession since the great depression was a good time to start a consistent marketing program. We get into the reasons as to why that is in the interview below. As you can see in the title, in the past two months of running the program, Joe has already added over $48,000 in recurring monthly revenue.

Brian Gunderson, Seattle, WA

For this article we are interviewing another CSR that was hired and trained by New Clients Inc. This Client Service Representative, Brian Gunderson, has a long and storied history with New Clients Inc. and with selling accounting services. He was hired and trained by the founder of NCI, Bruce Clark back in 1991. He actually did not get the job initially, but I’ll let you read how that played out. He gives a lot of valuable insight into the sales position and after reading this article you will understand why he has lasted 18+ years in the position, outlasting two former owners in the process.

Sailing to New Horizons

For this month’s success story we decided to take a slightly different approach and interview someone who has only been running the program for a few months. The idea was conceived to show people considering our marketing programs that it does in fact work, and work well, during the current economic recession.

The CPA that is being interviewed today is John Davis out of Florida. John was a partner in a large practice in New York . He had the desire to relocate to sunny Florida but his partners didn’t want the branch office. John was faced with a decision, leave behind his lucrative position as partner in a large firm and start a new business in a new state or stay where he was, safe and secure. John took the plunge and is already on his way to growing a million dollar practice, even during this recession.