success stories - 6

Chuck Foley, CPA - Scottsdale, AZ

Who hasn’t at some point daydreamed about leaving their corporate job? Not having to answer to a boss and creating your own destiny (not to mention hours) is too appealing not to dream about. As you will read below in our interview, Chuck Foley, CPA had a high paying corporate job with Prudential insurance for ten years. In 1986 he was earning six figures but like many of the people I speak with on a daily basis, he was unhappy having to answer to someone and work within the confines of a corporate environment. That’s when he saw NCI’s ad and decided to take a leap of faith on what was at that time a new company. This decision would ultimately pay endless dividends and end his corporate slump for good. Since that time Chuck has built not one, but two tax and accounting practices using the NCI Plan 2 program. The first was in New Jersey which he sold (through NCI) for a 1.5 gross multiple, all cash. The second practice he built in Arizona and he just recently sold it for a 1.29 gross multiple, once again all cash. Now he has shifted gears again and is focusing on helping others become entrepreneurs like himself as a franchise consultant.

$5 Million Dollars and Still Growing Strong

In 1993 Bruce Clark received a call from a CPA by the name of Arun Sareen. Arun, a corporate accountant, was looking to buy a small practice that NCI had for sale in VA. That particular practice was no longer available however, so Bruce went on to explain to Arun how NCI could help him to grow his own successful practice. After doing some research, he agreed and signed up for a Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program (CAP). What follows is the rest of this amazing story, told by Arun himself.

Ken Tibbs, CSR, Manassas, Virginia

Sareen and Associates is one of New Clients Inc.’s most prolific clients. Arun came to NCI in 1993 looking to buy an accounting practice. Prior to this he had been a chief financial officer for a cable company in the British West Indies. NCI didn’t have any listings in his area so Arun looked into our marketing programs and undertook a Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program. From there he has grown his start-up business to over 4.5 million dollars in gross billings and he has multiple office locations in Virginia and Florida.

He also employs multiple Client Service Representatives trained by NCI. One such salesperson is Ken Tibbs. Ken and Arun go way back and he has been with the company selling since very early on. I spoke with Ken about his many decades of sales experience and what life has been like for him selling accounting services. He gives some great insight into the sales process so make sure you Plan 2 clients have your CSR’s give this a read.

Bradley Cooper, CPA, Fort Myers, Florida

I recently had the pleasure of doing not one but two interviews with one Mr. Bradley Cooper. The first of these interviews was filmed at our Advanced Training Conference in Hilton Head, South Carolina this past October. That interview will soon be added along with seven others to the testimonials portion of our website. Following that interview I contacted Bradley to feature him in our November newsletter.

Bradley has had extensive experience with New Clients Inc. Bradley has used the Plan 1 program to test the waters and build his first practice to sell. He listed and sold that practice through NCI. He then initiated a Plan 3 program to grow a new business from nothing. He has not looked back since and has added about $380,000 in only 3 years and continues to market and grow. Bradley gives some great insight into growing and managing a successful business using the NCI approach. It’s very clear to me having conducted these interviews, as to why Bradley is doing so well with the program and other accountants both using the program and those considering it can learn a lot from what he has said. 

NCI Salesperson and Rookie of the Year – Brant Lowrey

The NCI Sales Race has come to a close.  After nine plus months of intense and close competition NCI is proud to announce the winner of both the Salesperson of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards is one and the same, Mr. Brant Lowrey of Accurate Accounting DP out of Hurst, Texas.  Interestingly enough and a testament to both the NCI system and Brant’s resolve and willingness to follow said system, Brant has no prior sales experience.  It was also a very tight race, with Joshua Villela of Suma Financial Solutions out of Los Angeles, CA coming in a very close second.  The difference in annualized billings produced by Joshua and Brant was a mere $3,707.  A very close race indeed!  The following is my interview with Brant discussing his great success and he has a few very good tips for sales and practice success.

Jay Steer, CPA, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I recently had the privilege to sit down and interview a long standing client and reference for NCI, one Mr. Jay Steer, CPA. Jay’s practice is located in Virginia Beach, VA. He attended the marketing seminar and shortly thereafter undertook the Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program (CAP.) This was all the way back in July of 1991! He was a start up back then and has since built an impressive $800,000 accounting firm. He has also had the same salesperson who was hired and trained by us for that entire span of time. Now that Jay is comfortable in terms of billings, he decided to address the issue of processing all of that work. After a string of heinous bookkeepers he decided to try something different so he contacted NCI about our new outsourcing programs and has since started working with GKM Global through NCI to outsource some of his bookkeeping work to India. The start of the interview focuses on this and then we talk a little bit about the marketing program that helped him build his sizeable practice.

Chris Patterson, CPA, Jacksonville, Florida

This month our success story hails from the Jacksonville area of Florida . Chris attended the Plan I practice development seminar in Orlando , FL during January of this year. He was interested in the Plan 2 program but not willing to commit without meeting some of the NCI staff and learning this system through the seminar.He obviously liked what he saw because he upgraded right then and there to a Plan 2 program which got underway in February. Since getting started only a few short months ago, Chris has dramatically added to the growth of his practice with the help of the marketing staff that we installed for him. 

Angelica Aviles, CSR, Orlando, Florida

This month in our success story column we are trying something a little bit different. In order to give a different perspective on one of NCI ‘s many success stories, I have interviewed the salesperson instead of the accountant. I interviewed Angelica Aviles, the CSR and sister of NCI client Ivonne Aviles located in Orlando, FL. Another interesting aspect to this story and one that I can personally relate to, is that these are family members, two siblings specifically, who work together. I work for my father so I know the joy (and tribulations) of working with family. Ivonne undertook the Plan 2 program with NCI about a year ago, as is sometimes the case; the CSR who was initially hired needed to be replaced eventually. Instead of going through the hiring process again with an unknown, Ivonne decided to hire her sister to market the firm. This turned out to be a good decision, as Angelica has consistently been among the top five candidates of our salesperson of the year contest. I got to chat with Angelica about selling accounting services and how things have been going for her so far. What follows are excerpts from that interview.

Rene Mirabal, CPA, Puerto Rico

For this latest edition of this series I interviewed a more recent client. We wanted to focus on someone who is doing well in our national sales race. It just so happens that as of the first week of May, Rene Mirabal and his CSR Frances Lopez have currently taken first place in the national sales race with $84,000 in new billings since starting in December 2007. Rene also has the distinct honor of being our first Plan 3 program in Puerto Rico, which he admitted was a bit unnerving when he was considering doing the program. He is now very happy with his choice and he can also lay claim to being our first great success story in Puerto Rico. Rene asked me specifically to note the fine job his appointment setters and CSR have been doing to help him grow his practice. It is interesting to note that Rene originally came through our practice development seminar 15 years ago! You can read for yourself how Rene felt before and now during this process in the excerpts from our interview.

David Hensley, Springfield, Illinois

I had the pleasure of recently conducting an interview with another success story of ours. For this feature, as you can tell by the title, we wanted to focus on someone from a smaller market who is doing very well utilizing our program. The man who I refer to is David Hensley and his firm is located in Springfield, IL.“When I went into it, we started with zero. This was April of ’05. Right now, we’re going to end this year, 2007 at $225,000. And I know that other markets do better, they’re bigger. We found an issue with Springfield, it’s a capital city and it has a decent population but it doesn’t have the business base because it’s a government primary.” Despite what some would see as a set back, David has managed to succeed in a short time frame.