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Donald Button, CPA, NC

In August of 2002, Donald Button was looking to purchase an accounting practice when he contacted NCI. Having spent the last seven years working for an executive benefit consulting firm, Don was ready to go out on his own. “I always wanted to start my own business, so I called NCI to discuss buying a practice. Your representative explained to me the benefits of building a firm and I found it intriguing that, for less money, I could build, rather than buy.”

Bob Mason, CPA, Santa Cruz, CA

After spending seven years taking a high tech firm public, Bob Mason, CPA from Santa Cruz, CA decided it was time to be on his own. “I had worked for an internet company that was doing telemarketing and sales, and had spent 20 years with various high tech firms. At times it was a roller coaster ride with firms running hot and cold. I saw net worth positions grow and then evaporate. I wanted to get off that roller coaster and build equity in a business that would be stable and grow consistently, and not be subject to the cycles of high tech.”

Ray Perez, Miami Shores, FL

Ray Perez has a very unique and interesting story to tell. This story starts all the way back in high school for Ray, a time when his friendship with Thomas Behar first started. After high school, the two parted ways going to separate colleges, each to study accounting, but they kept in touch as good friends do. Tom went on to sit for his CPA, while Ray became an EA and began handling businesses from an advertising standpoint while still doing some accounting work. In 1994, Tom contacted Ray with an exciting proposition, he was considering the NCI Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program and he wanted to recruit his friend Ray as a possible salesman (CSR) for his program.NCI sent one of our senior account executives to the office to do the recruiting. Ray was interviewed as a possible candidate and he got the job. From there the practice grew in leaps and bounds. The growth ended up being more then Tom had bargained for and more in line with what Ray aspired to. Gradually, over a three year period the practice changed hands, amicably. And thus, Ray Perez & Associates was born. I had the chance recently to sit down and interview Ray for this feature. Here are some excerpts from that interview.

Client Acquisition and Advanced Processing – Perfect Together

Steve Sykes is the only CPA you’ll find working in his $688,000 practice and that’s just the way he likes it.  Steve has been an NCI client for quite a while, going back over ten years.  He attributes all of that growth to the combination of NCI’s Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program in conjunction with Duane Gravley’s Advanced Processing Seminar.  I recently interviewed Steve about his experiences with NCI.

Phil Roventini, CPA, New City, NY

$400K to $800K in Four Short Years

Phil Roventini is a unique client at NCI . He is unique because he is one of the very few people to take us up on our one day money back guarantee. Phil first came to NCI ‘s practice development seminar way back in 1986. He decided this program was not for him and wanted to leave. We refunded his deposit and off he went. It would be seventeen years before we would hear from Phil again, but hear from him we did, in 2003.He contacted us interested once again in growing his practice, this time using our Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program. When I asked him about his decision to leave the seminar so many years ago he had this to say, “What happened was, I realized that I didn’t have the right mind set to make it work. I wasn’t ready, I just wasn’t ready.

Dean Owen, CPA, Paducah, KY

Dean Owen, a CPA from Paducah, Kentucky . After serving in the Navy, Dean worked for a big 6 accounting firm as well as a Fortune 100 company. During this period of time, he decided to pursue his graduate degree, while building a small practice from the basement of his home. Upon completing graduate school Dean received a few offers from local accounting firms, but decided he wanted to have his own practice and needed to grow it at an accelerated pace. It was then he learned of NCI and its guaranteed practice development programs in various accounting journals. At this point he concluded that if NCI was willing to guarantee their results with a money back guarantee, he had nothing to lose but his time invested in the program and decided to sign up for the Client Processing and Acquisition program (Plan III).

Duane Gravley, CPA, MN

As many of you may be aware, Duane Gravley has been working with NCI for the past five years providing training on how to effectively manage a practice. We thought it would be nice to feature him in our Spring Issue 2002 of New Client News so he could share with our readers some of the elements of his success

Nathan Robnett, CPA, Austin, TX

In Fall Issue 2001 of New Client News, our featured accountant is a CPA from Austin, Texas. In 1995 Nathan Robnett was a corporate accountant working for Dupont. While working for Dupont he had also been planning to either start his own practice or purchase an existing one.

After looking at buying a few practices, none of which appealed to him, he opted to build his own, and contacted NCI to help him achieve his dream. He decided to go with Plan II, our Client Acquisition Program. “Starting my own practice was very appealing to me. The practice would have my thumb print on it; it would have my personality and not someone else’s. These would be my clients.”

Dennis Burke, CPA, TN

Last year, Dennis Burke, a CPA from Nashville, Tennessee had a vision but was missing the clients and the details to make it reality. Today, he is operating a successful practice with 51 new monthly write-up clients and he’s experiencing steady growth. He has an innovative system for client processing and profitability and his vision has been realized.

Sue Cirocco, CPA, MBA, CO

$120,000 in annualized billing in only seven and a half months

Sue Cirocco had been a corporate controller for some 20 years, but always wanted to be in her own practice. Being a single mother to four children would not allow her to pursue that dream until just recently. After getting married again and having two of the kids out of the nest, Sue felt it was time to pursue that dream.