Tax Season Discounts Have Been Extended!

Maybe you were too busy during tax season to take advantage of our huge discounts on tax season start dates for our Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program, certainly understandable given the time of year. Not to worry, because if you sign up now and reserve a start date during the month of May, you will still be able to save $2,500 off the investment. We are even offering financing for a portion of the program.

The most important question to ask when considering any investment: Is it worth the price of admissions? In the case of our Plan 2 Program, I could direct you to Gary Johnson, CPA. Gary's salesperson, Kevin A. Fortner, signed up 20 new clients over the past two and a half months. You could ask Jim Keen from Phoenix, AZ who started in January and is averaging three new clients per week! You can even ask NCI's CEO and founder Bruce Clark! In October 2014, he decided to start and build a new accounting practice in Southern New Jersey, America's Choice Bookkeeping & Tax Services, Inc. With a CSR in place and four appointment setters supporting their effort, we just signed our 234th client. America's Choice is well on the way to becoming a multi-million dollar firm. What we learn in building this practice will be passed on to all of our clients utilizing the NCI marketing program. That marketing program, which NCI has developed and promoted over the past 30 years, still works and we are seeing results each week that prove it. 

Call NCI today and reserve your discounted date with destiny!

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