Video Testimonials

Where are you in terms of gross billings today? We will surpass $1,000,000 in billings this year, after only 5 ½ years since using the NCI marketing program. I might also add that the majority of this growth was realized during our first two years, and then we curtailed our full time marketing effort.

Dan enrolled in our plan two program which guarantees growth of 300,000 dollars in new business in 2 years. Once he hit that guarantee, he decided he wasn't done growing! 

Steve Sykes, "I am just a better person because of NCI" What a compliment! Watch the video to see what else he has to say about NCI and what we offer to the market.

Meir Spear was able to grow a practice that could sustain him using his effort combined with our methods. 

Client Testiminal from Roger Stadtmueller, CPA

Mike Lanier, 80 new clients on his First plan 2 and 150 new clients since his most recent Plan 2 Program in 2005. Hard to believe? Call us and we can help you to reach the goals you have set for your practice!

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Back in 1996, Troy had a tough time finding clients and wasted a lot of time, effort, and money. He then contacted NCI. He tested our system with Plan 1, saw the results and realized the power of our methods. Troy had around 24,000 in billings and grew it to 6,000,000 with our Plan 2 program.