Video Testimonials

Who hasn't at some point daydreamed about leaving their corporate job? Not having to answer to a boss and creating your own destiny (not to mention hours) is too appealing not to dream about. As you will read below in our interview, Chuck Foley, CPA had a high paying corporate job with Prudential insurance for ten years.
Sue Cirocco had been a corporate controller for some 20 years, but always wanted to be in her own practice. Being a single mother to four children would not allow her to pursue that dream until just recently. After getting married again and having two of the kids out of the nest, Sue felt it was time to pursue that dream.
Bradley has had extensive experience with New Clients Inc. Bradley has used the Plan 1 program to test the waters and build his first practice to sell. He listed and sold that practice through NCI. He then initiated a Plan 3 program to grow a new business from nothing.

A NCI client located in Indiana who began using our services in 1995 and has been reaping the benefits ever since. Hear his own words on what NCI was able to do for him and his firm! 

In this video Joe Pancerella lays out the benefits of partnering with New Clients Inc., and what NCI's 25+ years of experience can do for your accounting firm. Make sure to check out our services online, and see how we can help you grow!
Jose Caro wanted to fulfill his dream of quitting the 9-5 schedule and striking out on his own, establishing his own accounting firm. He came to NCI for help with client acquisition, and enrolled in the Practice Development Seminar I and never looked back.
Eric is yet another success story in the 27 year history of NCI. An accountant who freely admits that CPAs aren't trained in sales, Eric found great value in attending the Practice Development Seminar I-and has come back recently to get his already successful company moving further into the green with the PDS II, where NCI adds a personal touch to increasing your annualized billings.
John has been a long time adherent of the NCI system. He's utilized the Practice Development II Seminar 3 times now to grow his practice whenever he feels like he's needed a boost to his practice, and as you can see from his testimonial, he's never regretted it.