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Most Follow-Up Calls Are A Waste of Time

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016


Sales follow-up calls are destined to fail for those who do not plan for their success.  Success doesn’t just happen.  It’s carefully planned and the steps in the plan are executed with excellence.  Successful follow-up calls are no different.  A follow-up call must be a planned step in a larger strategy to sell the prospect.  You follow-up with the prospect to obtain or share a specific piece of information or to get them to take the next step.  Your follow-up call has a purpose.  It is Step C or G or P, so to speak, in an A-Z strategy to build a long-term relationship with a prospect.  A follow-up call is never a call to find out how they are doing!  Why don’t you know that already?  Didn’t you do your work in the previous discussion with the prospect? Asking how they are doing since your last phone call is an admission your solution is disengaged from their business.  Deliver a solution for their business each and every follow-up call.