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3 Generations of Success

Will you come and join us? Before answering this question, take a minute to read the remarkable story about my dad below. It will give you a glimpse into the heart and soul of my company, New Clients, Incorporated (NCI). I’ll ask the question again at the end.

NCI’s story actually begins years before its creation–with the dream of a starving little boy who survived the depths of the great depression by selling soap door to door as he traveled across the country. Raised by a single mother and never really ever knowing his father, he went on to serve his country honorably in World War II, reaching the rank of Master Sargent.

After leaving the service, and possessing only a 9th-grade education, he often worked three jobs to support his growing family. Eventually, in the late 1950s, he took a job selling bookkeeping services for a firm in Philadelphia. There, he found his calling and his natural knack as a salesperson; soon, he became one of the top salespeople for the firm.

Realizing the potential for bookkeeping services and wanting to have a business of his own, he began teaching himself accounting and taxes. In 1962, he made the bold decision to move his family to South Jersey and begin his own bookkeeping and tax firm: Garden Accounting.

As his business continued to grow, several of his sons joined him and helped make Garden Accounting one of the fastest growing small business accounting firms in the state at that time. In 1970, I joined the firm (and my dad) as a salesperson. I began my own entrepreneurial journey by learning the accounting and tax business the old fashioned way and the way my dad did: by teaching myself and by working in the profession.

After 14 years under my father’s watchful eyes and seeing a niche in the small business accounting marketplace, I launched what eventually would become New Clients, Inc., a firm dedicated to teaching CPAs and accountants how to successfully build and sell their practices the way my father built his. Now, 49 years later, our family tradition continues. After spending five years at NCI learning what we do and how we do it, my son, Tyler, has taken our sales and marketing concepts even further with his company, Dream Firms, which he and his wife, Marine, founded several years ago. Chris my eldest son has eleven years experience working at NCI as a sales associate and client service representative. That experience encompasses the sale of marketing programs, presenting at NCI’s Practice Development Seminar, onboarding new marketing clients, providing customer service and support to NCI’s accounting clients and the hiring and support of sales representatives for accounting firms. More recently he went to work with his wife of seven years, Kathy, assisting her in the development of her e-commerce business. He has now rejoined the NCI team in the accounting practice sales division.

NCI, Inc. isn’t just another company. It’s an enterprising family business and a proud family legacy. It has thrived during good times and it has weathered challenging times. Its history is full of one example after another of grit, determination, sacrifice, inventiveness, hard work, resilience, and success. If you’re looking to grow your practice or have reached the point where it’s time to exit (be it for retirement, relocation, or to just cash in on a great investment), know that with NCI you are working with a company that spans three generations of service to accounting professionals. Continuing the legacy my father began, we are a family of resourceful and creative entrepreneurs who are committed to helping you accomplish your goals. Will you come and join us?