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A great database is essential when selling a practice

Accountants looking to sell their firms often ask me why they should choose NCI. I answer with two words: My Database!  For over 35 years, NCI has curated and developed its database by collecting names of firms and accountants looking to grow, buy, or sell a firm. Currently, NCI’s database reaches 4000 clients we have had the pleasure of assisting. Plus, NCI has spent millions of dollars to advertise in all of the major accounting publications throughout our time in business, so our reputation and our reach are equally impressive among accounting professionals.

Our prospects list is equally impressive, eclipsing 40,000 firms stretching from coast-to-coast.

My client list is NCI’s prized possession, and with good reason. Each name represents a carefully developed and nurtured relationship. In fact, many of NCI’s clients have become friends, and we, in turn, have become confidants for most of them. You may wonder how business relationships could become so close and so powerful. The answer: trust. Our clients trust us because we have consistently treated them fairly and attentively throughout the span of our relationships—many of which go back to our inception 35 years ago! We earned trust by fulfilling our promises, and on those rare occasions when all didn’t go exactly as planned, we stepped in proactively to make everything right.

A database like NCI’s cannot be bought; it must be built over time—and it must be earned. This is exactly what we have done. True, there are competitors with larger databases, and one newcomer with no database, but none can match the relationships NCI has built and maintained. When it comes to selling something as important and as valuable as your practice, NCI’s cultivated relationships will pay huge dividends for you and for us.

This is why I immediately turn to my client database when you give me the opportunity to sell your firm. The names on my list know and trust NCI, because they have experienced our honesty and integrity directly. They know they can literally take to the bank any advice or information we provide, which speaks volumes in the negotiations that always take place. They know that neither I nor anyone who works for me will mislead them at any point during the process. Can there be anything more reassuring or more important than these fundamental principles?

When you are ready to sell your practice, remember, nobody sells better than NCI for all of the above reasons, and for many more that you will discover when you engage with us. For a no-cost valuation of your firm’s worth in your market, call me at 856-304-1035 or email me at

Powering your future,

Bruce J. Clark, CEO
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