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Guaranteed Practice Search (GPS) Program

NCI’s Guaranteed Practice Search Program (GPS) is an excellent time-saving resource for CPAs, accountants, and EAs seeking to purchase an accounting practice. Using each of your specific criteria, NCI will leverage its extensive in-house client database and network to identify professionals who are ready to sell and match buyers with sellers.

Initial investment: $2,500

The Guaranteed Practice Search includes:

    • Targeted mailer to firms within a 20-mile radius of the client’s office from NCI’s database and purchased lists. These lists can be segmented by firm size, geographical location, or we can seek to locate a firm anywhere in the country.
    • Targeted email to firms in our database. Our national database exceeds 40,000 firms. We also have referral relationships with other brokers and may employ these relationships in an effort to locate your dream firm.
    • Targeted email to NCI clients’ firms in our database in your target market, along with personal contact from NCI. Our client database of 4000 firms is made up of accountants we’ve worked with to help grow, buy, sell, and better manage their practices. They know us, trust us, and are thus more receptive to contact from us.
    • The use of broadcast fax to get our message out has proven very successful for recent clients, and we will continue to use it going forward.
    • Help arrange financing. NCI works with several national lenders that specialize in funding accounting firms.

The GPS fee is nonrefundable; however, if we are unsuccessful in locating a firm within 90 days, NCI will provide you access to our Online Sales and Marketing Academy at a value of $1,995.00 to help you grow your practice.

When NCI locates a practice and we obtain the listing on the practice and you enter into a purchase agreement, NCI will refund your $2,500.00 fee at the closing or transfer of the practice.

Access GPS Questionnaire (PDF)

Please fill out the questionnaire and send it to or contact us for more information.

CPA Firm Sales

The New Clients, Inc. Accounting Practice Sales program will leverage its robust network of trusted business relationships to quickly find a qualified buyer for your CPA firm.

NCI’s Accounting Practice Sales program evolved from years of experience directly helping thousands of professional accountants, CPAs, tax preparation businesses, and accounting practices all over the United States develop their accounting practices through our successful marketing programs.

Selling a CPA Practice

NCI’s Practice Sales initiative evolved from identifying an unmet need for professional practice sales among our clients.  Over the years, many of our previous clients have engaged us and our network of nationwide buyers to sell their CPA firms.  This interactive work has led to an ever-growing prospect list of more than 40,000 CPA and accounting firms nationwide, giving us immediate access to potential and qualified buyers.  Today, our exceptional record for bringing sellers and buyers together, and representing both parties professionally and fairly, is well known and highly regarded.

Unlike other brokers who are essentially strangers to the prospects they develop, many of our clients know and trust us because of our existing relationships and because of our renowned success in CPA firm sales. This gives NCI a tremendous marketing advantage. We are also the only broker in the country that includes our online Sales and Marketing Academy to the buyer at no cost (valued at $1,995).

If you need help selling an accounting practice, contact us! 

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“I’ve known Bruce Clark and his father, Al Clark, before him, for over 40 years.  Bruce is a zealous advocate in every manner of speaking and his clients are in good hands with him”.

Jeffrey A. Weiner, Esq
LLM  in Taxation