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Outsourcing Accounting Work

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GKM is proud to partner with NCI for the past 15 years, helping its clients and others realize the Outsourcing Advantage for Accountants by Accountants

GKM provides quality tax preparation and bookkeeping services to accounting firms, CPAs and tax preparers in the US. GKM has an experienced team with over 24 years of US-specific bookkeeping & tax return preparation. GKM’s team consists of Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants, and senior management graduates.

GKM’s competitive pricing models and dedicated resources endeavor to make the accountants’ lives more enriched and stress-free.

GKM’s USP is twofold: Help clients cut costs and improve bottom lines. Lighten their low-value workload so that they can put more efforts into high value-added work. This would translate into growth and stability in the long run for our clients. We believe in building long-lasting relationships. True to the Indian ethos, business is not transactional to GKM; it is all about building a successful relationship with the client and sustaining it by meeting client needs and exceeding their expectations.

The cost of hiring an offshore accounting team is significantly less than hiring people in-house, training & setup of infrastructure, caring for their medical & health benefits, etc. By outsourcing accounting services, you can count on having quality work completed at a fraction of the time and money it is costing you locally. The money and time saved thus can be utilized to provide greater value-added services and concentrating on your niche offerings.

Choosing the right accounting outsourcing

To make sure that your firm is well equipped to successfully navigate through the changing business landscape, turn to a trusted outsourcing service provider like GKM. GKM offers a wide range of options to ensure efficiency and productivity in your bookkeeping & tax return preparation services are maintained with top-of-the-class security measures in place.

Should a client want things done differently at GKM we adapt to these expectations through training and documentation. The “one size fits all” rule cannot be applied to this business – accounting principles may be the same world over, but the way things are done differ and we attribute our success to our ability to adapt to this requirement. 

Special offer for NCI Members:

Transform your practice by partnering with GKM for all your staffing requirements…

  • 50% off our standard setup fee
  • No increase in fee for at least 2 years from date of signing
  • Full and part time staffing available

Why GKM?

  • ISO 9001 certified organization – assured excellence in processing & complete compliance with international quality standards
  • 24+ years of established US presence
  • Scalability – we grow with you
  • Expand and provide more value-added service to your clients
  • Reduce cost and labor intensive hiring and training issues
  • Best in class security features to protect your clients records
  • We communicate through you.  Your clients will never have to speak with our staff in India

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