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Coming Soon: NCI’s Online Academy

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

NCI will become your ultimate coach when it comes to practice development and practice management via our new Online Academy

— Bruce Clark CEO and Founder

The Online Academy includes the most comprehensive library of information and experience NCI has accumulated over the past 30 years. As a member, you’ll enjoy and benefit with unlimited access for two years to this treasure trove of information as it relates to growing and profiting from your ever-expanding accounting firm. Now you and your staff can learn from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, day or night, from the leader in client acquisition, practice management, and practice sales for the past 30 years.

 You’ll learn and grow via industry experts with a combined 50 years’ experience. Plus you can email or call with questions during your two year membership period and receive proactive support and insight to your most pressing issues.

Here’s what’s included with your membership:

 Coaching Strategy Sessions

 Session 1

  • Define Your Vision  (Creating a Mission Statement)
  • Set and Reach Challenging Goals (Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail)
  • Create and implement Your Action Plan (What Gets Noticed Gets Done)
  • Value of an Accounting Firm (Tips on Buying and Selling)

 Session 2

  • Targeting the Market (Who You’ll Sell Your Services To and Why)
  • Reaching the Market (The Best Lead Sources to Fuel Your Marketing Effort)
  • Appointment Setting (Making it Happen)
  • Internet Marketing (Use Technology to Create More Sales)
  • Introduction to Infusionsoft which will automate many aspects of your marketing plan

Session 3

  • Making the Sale (Anatomy for a Successful Sales Presentation)
  • Overcoming the Most Common Objections
  • Closing the Sale and Collecting an Upfront Retainer Fee
  • Fee Setting, Quoting Back Work
  • Eliminating Accounts Receivable Issues

Session 4

  • Cost Effective Ways to Grow Your 1040 Practice
  • Recommended Reading and Seminars to Help You Grow and Prosper
  • How to Succeed With this Program and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Session 5

  • Practice Development Coaching Sessions (Weekly webinar learn from the top accounting sales personnel in the country.)
  • Tips On Processing (Outsourcing)
  • Tips From the Masters (Success Stories to Motivate and Inform You)

Video Training Library

  • Practice Development seminar (Recorded Version of the Live Event)
  • Training Your Appointment Setters To Set Qualified Appointments
  • How to Conduct a Professional Sales Presentation and Close the Sale
  • Softsell™  Sales Presentation to Convert Prospects Online
  • Payroll Video to Sell Payroll Services
  • Financial Planning Video to Sell Financial Planning Services
  • QuickBooks Video to Sell QuickBooks Clients

Audio Training

  • Overcoming Objections During a Sales Presentation
  • Overcoming Objections for Appointment Setters  

PDF Files

  • Practice Development Seminar Manual
  • Sales and Management Forms
  • Appointment Setting Scripts
  • Appointment Setters Flip Chart for Overcoming Objections
  • Inserts for Professional Sales Presentation Manual

Never before has NCI made so much valuable information available in one place. Learn and benefit from the exact same system that has helped thousands of firms across the US reach unprecedented growth.  

To get started on your way to financial freedom and success, enter your email below for updates regarding the NCI Online Academy’s upcoming launch.