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Seven Years Later, Same Appointment Setter, Same CSR

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Jason Hensley – Cordova, TN

For this month’s success story I got to talk to an NCI client who implemented the Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program seven years ago when he was just starting his practice. The thing that really stands out about the success of this program is that we are now seven years into the program and Jason still has the same Client Service Representative and one of his two original appointment setters working in the firm. This is a testament to the ability of NCI’s Senior Account Executives to hire and train great employees and salespeople who stand the test of time.

Jason Hensley

Jason Hensley

How long had you been in business and also how much billings did you have when you decided to implement the NCI program?

I was not in business when I flew out to Philadelphia to do the Plan 1 Program, so I started with 0.

Could you tell me a little bit about your background that led you to start your own practice?

I went to the University Of Southern Mississippi for three and a half years and graduated with a degree in accounting. Then over the next six months I did an internship with Arthur Anderson. After my internship they went ahead and hired me and I eventually went back to school to complete my masters program. Once I completed my masters I went straight back to work for Arthur Anderson. I was with Arthur Anderson for about two years, and then moved to Memphis, Tennessee to take a job as a controller in an Automobile dealership. After working there about three or four years I decided that I wanted to start my own practice.

Okay great, and Jason what were some of the deciding factors in your choice to go with the NCI marketing program?

You guys have been around a long time and have proven results with your marketing system and I felt like I needed the help getting started and also with getting a foot in the door with potential clients.

What year was it that you opened your doors for your business?

We’re going on about seven years right now.

Approximately how much growth have you been able to add since you implemented the NCI program when you started your business?

We’re billing about $385,000 a year

How has the recession been affecting your business and how has the marketing program helped you to combat any negative impact?

The marketing keeps new clients coming in, we have lost clients because they go out of business, I mean anybody in construction or any of the small restaurants have all pretty much gone out of business so it’s important to keep marketing or otherwise you’ll lose a substantial piece of your business.

Yeah, you have to be aggressive right now, the clients aren’t just going to come to you right now with the current recession. What was your biggest concern before you signed on for the program and which program was it specifically that you did?

I flew out for Plan 1 and upgraded at the seminar to Plan 2. My biggest concern was just making sure that it worked. I was putting a $25,000 plus investment into this program and I needed it to work and it has.

Is it true that you still have an appointment setter and the same CSR that we hired for you 7 years ago?

Yes, we do.

That’s amazing.

Yeah, the appointment setter only works 25 hours per week, but that’s the production that we want to get out of him, he’s really good.

Seven years later with the same appointment setter and CSR, that’s great. And what advice would you give to someone considering doing the program that you did?

My advice is to be prepared for the work that the marketing program will bring.

Can you sum up your feelings on NCI and our marketing programs?

NCI does what they say they’re going to do and they are a good company overall.

Chris Clark is the oldest son of New Clients Inc. founder and CEO Bruce Clark. He has worked as a Senior Account Executive at NCI for the past four years. During that time he has presented at the Practice Development Seminar on Internet and E-mail marketing and he also plays the prospective client during the seminar role play sessions. Chris also edits and contributes to the NCI newsletter, New Client News.