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What To Do When You Have A Financial Problem

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Sell your way out of problems you encounter. Are you short on cash? Are you struggling financially? Sell! When faced with financial adversity, individuals who are not in the sales profession are forced to cut costs or work additional over-time or part-time hours, if such work can be found. They are not likely to generate a significant infusion of cash in a short period of time. Salespeople, on the other hand, have that opportunity. If you double your sales efforts for a short period of time, your income will rise proportionately. Statistically, if you generate 1 sale every 20 calls, you know you will generate 2 sales if you make 40 calls. You can generate 3 sales if you make 60 calls. How much income do you generate per sale? Let’s say it is $ 2,500. You are financially struggling to the tune of $ 4,000. You need two additional sales to eliminate that financial burden. That’s 40 additional calls. When can you find time for 40 additional calls? Can you cut out your golf game this week? Can you chat in the office a little less about the weather for a few days? Can you make phone calls while you drive in the car instead of listening to music? Salespeople have opportunities to overcome their financial hardships in a short time span unlike any other profession. Double or triple your effort this week!