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Harlan Kahn, CPA

To: Bruce Clark <>
Date: Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 11:46 AM
Subject: 2021 02-09 a quick hello

Dear Bruce,

It feels like light years since we first met and you hooked me up with NCI. I wonder if you are even still at work, or have retired?  The thoughts of retirement come to me because at this point, I could sell the house and retire to Florida and retire at any time. I keep working because I love my work and the business I built. 

Today I happen to come across this chart from the AICPA and thought perhaps your group could use this state by state analysis, considering the number of accountants you know nationwide. 

The NCI system is a good system and certainly worked for me. One day when you have the time, we really should chat so I can show where I am since then. The NCI system allows you to build a tax and accounting practice to whatever size you want. What I have learned through the years after NCI, is what makes a good client for me.

Also, conversely, which kind of clients I avoid accepting based on what makes me happy. 

In 2012 I met a cpa coach who taught me about quality. Quality of client, how to improve the profitability and quality of my own firm thereby improving my quality of life. Most importantly, he I learned how to build a business that supports me and works for me. Up until that point, I was building a business that was over burdening me with work, especially during tax season.

I had until 2012, created a business that was a ‘job and a half’ robbing myself of family time in addition to working too much. I know that I have cured over working because the last 2 tax seasons, I donated 20 hours a week to Turbotax to answer taxpayer questions across the country. In 2018 I also wrote and published a book, which I have now attached for your reading enjoyment.

Further, I have time on 2/9 to write you a cute letter.

Hope you are well and safe and enjoying life. You opened a door to financial success for me in your course and I will always be grateful.

Harlan Kahn, CPA
Queens, NY
December 24, 2021