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NCI Partners With Iron Capital Group To Help You Finance Your Growth

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Most of the people we talk to at NCI are interested in growing their business but it stands to reason that if a company really needs to grow, they may not have the funds available to purchase an NCI marketing program and/or the capital to run it in the early stages. We would usually suggest borrowing the money from a local or national bank or through the SBA but in today’s strictly regulated lending environment, this is impossible for many business owners both new and established. To combat this frustrating situation for all parties involved, we have joined forces with a lending partner, Iron Capital Group, who can lend you the money to attend our seminar or do a full blown Plan 2 Client Acquisition Program. They have reasonable requirements and their applications process is quick and easy compared to the paperwork nightmare and perfect credit rating a standard bank requires in 2016. Iron Capital’s process is simple, requiring only a 600+ FICO credit rating for you or a cosigner and a brief one page application. In addition, the turnaround time for the application is only 48 hours and their interest rates are low. They are willing to help both startup businesses and also established businesses with lines of credit. If you’ve been holding off on starting a practice or doing an NCI program because of lack of resources, now is your time. Call us today at 1-800-338-0778 to learn more about how our marketing programs can help you grow and how Iron Capital Group can help you finance them, along with any other business expenses or start-up costs you may need. If you want to get the process started right away, go the application page on our website.