Video Testimonials

In 2005, Ted and Linda decided to focus on taking Linda's small, existing practice in an exciting new direction. They wanted to dramatically increase the size of the practice so that it could provide for the family after Ted left his job at Chrysler.

Julia Shaw, CPA Julia started working with NCI back in 2010, but for personal reasons had to turn off the marketing program. Then in 2014 when it was time to grow again she contacted us and in four months she has reached $58,270 in new annualized billings.

Robert Roth, CPA Started with the NCI program in April 2013. He will share his story of how they got off to a rocky start but with NCI's assistance was able to turn things around quickly.

Victor Romandine, The winner of NCI's 2014 National Sales Race, Victor was honored at our October 24th to 26th Practice Development Seminar in Las Vegas. Victor brought in an amazing $230,490 in new annualized monthly billing clients in only 12 months for Robert Roth's CPA firm in Madison, WI.

Gary enrolled in our Plan 2 Program and has experienced incredible growth. He has used NCI's services since this interview and experienced similar success.

"It works so well it's difficult to keep up with the growth in the firm." A good problem to have and NCI has a solution to processing the work as well! 

Joe Trujillo, NCI Senior Account Executive, Joe has seen the NCI marketing program from two perspectives: first as a being a successful CSR for an accounting firm where he brought on over a hundred thousand dollars in billing; and now, as a sales trainer for NCI, where he has worked successfully installing our marketing plans nationwide.

Chris Hinkle discovered NCI through a CPA who successfully ran our Plan 2 Program. He ordered our Home Study Kit (Now known as the Online Academy) and surpassed the one-year billing guarantee in just three months adding over $30,000 to his practice!

Are you ready to be the next NCI testimonial? 

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