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CEO’s Corner: See What’s Playing on the Victory Channel

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

No, not the history channel although that’s a good one to watch, too. The victory channel represents all the memories you have of the victories you’ve achieved in your life. With all the doom and gloom on the news today, it’s easy to dwell on the past failures and disappointments life throws at all of us, but dwelling on failure leads to despair which leads to more failure and ultimately, unhappiness. You have to realize that you have the remote control and can choose what channel to watch in your mind. The channel you watch most will have a tremendous impact on your life and what you will or will not do. So focus on the victories you’ve accomplished like when you landed your biggest client or stopped smoking or lost 25 pounds. We all have setbacks and losses in life, but we also have victories. As Brian Tracy, sales coach and motivational guru, stated: “It’s not what happens to us but what we choose to do about it that matters.” Truer words have never been spoken, so remember them the next time you start watching the “horror channel” switch over the victory channel and watch how fast your spirit, attitude and results start to soar!! Sincerely,

Bruce J. Clark, CEO Author, NCI Effect, Explosive Client Growth Plan for Accountants and CPAs